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Coaching people to achieve life goals, create stability in recovery, and establish health & confidence through meditation for 25 years.

Spirit Compass provides meditation, coaching, and recovery coaching services from North Vancouver, BC. 

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"To the beginner there are many possibilities, to the expert there are few."

collected wisdom

The quest for self-discovery is the most provocative, interesting and rewarding journey of all.  We are easily led by mass consciousness to focus on ‘what’s wrong’ with us, or what’s ‘broken’ that needs to be ‘fixed’.  This emphasis on what's the matter with everything restricts our power to access Infinite Mind,  and the joy that is alive within us, right here; right now.  With the beginner's mind, we are free to explore the whole of our 'beingness'. With natural, childlike curiosity we can expand and transform our lives in harmony with the loving abundance of the universe. From an inner place of gratitude and self love, amazing opportunities, universal health, and happiness unfolds in unexpected ways. As we align our mind/body/soul connection, all aspects of our wellness and wholeness take precedence, and all that encumbers and burdens us begins to fall away. .


"There's no need to shovel out the darkness,
just turn on the light."
PF Case



About Angela



Since 1986, Angela has studied and practiced Zen, Tibetan Buddhist, Qabalah, Christian and Mindfulness Meditation.  She is presently a Guiding Board Member and Communications Coordinator for WCCM-BC; presents Mindful Meditation for Self Awareness workshops, and facilitates a Meditation for Recovery workshop series at Avalon Women’s Centre in West Vancouver.

Other Meditation workshops for Self Confidence and Self Awareness have been presented at the North Shore Women’s Centre and Dress for Success, Vancouver.


Recovery Coaching

Since 1991, Angela has been active in the recovery community of the Lower Mainland of BC and for four years worked as a Recovery Coach for both primary and second stage clients at the Orchard Treatment Centre on Bowen Island, BC , while completing her Recovery Life Coaching Diploma from Crossroads Coaching.

The program focuses on wellness and possibility, meeting clients 'where they're at', and charting a course for recovery that works for the individual. Supporting family members by building bridges to understanding deepens the recovery experience for everyone.

Angela is an active member of the Motivational Interviewing Community of Practice of BC.



As the background for professional coaching, Angela’s career includes positions such as: Assistant to the Research Director of the Royal Commission on Worker’s Compensation in BC; Communications Officer for the BC Government and Service Employees Union (BCGEU), and Project Coordinator for the Bell Mobility Western Network build.  During her years as Account Executive for Glacier Publications (Business in Vancouver Magazines), Sun Media, and Black Press, she was recognized for sales excellence.

Angela holds a Diploma in Conflict Resolution (Negotiation Specialization) from the Justice Institute of BC (JIBC), studied of the Psychology of Selling at Brian Tracey University, was recognized at The Sandler Sales Training Institute in Vancouver, and has worked intesively with a Senior Peak Performance Coach at Tony Robbins Int'l.

Her coaching mentors are: Michael Neill, Rich Litvin, and Steve Chandler.