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Coaching people to achieve life goals, create stability in recovery, and establish health & confidence through meditation for 25 years.

Spirit Compass provides meditation, coaching, and recovery coaching services from North Vancouver, BC. 


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Hear from people who are raving about Spirit Compass, and see how it has changed their lives.


On Recovering Families:

Angela is an excellent professional coach with a tremendous ability to offer solid and coherent insights in an effective and distinctive way, using her vast experience and witty sense of humour.

From the first meeting she helped me to understand my son’s addiction, giving me tools to accept and deal with this reality.

I find in Angela not just a remarkable professional, but also a very warm and welcoming person who always has a positive disposition when answering my questions. She is a great support. I personally recommend any parents in this situation to get in touch with her.

Thank you Angela, I am grateful!
— Claudia Y.
Claudia Y.

Claudia Y.

On Meditation:

“I am so grateful for you, your insight, and most of all, the way you teach. Not bludgeoning. No hierarchical energy or assumptions of what another has or has not encountered. You are a gem, Angela.”
— Jeanne Bartlemay
I loved working with Angela.... it really deepened my commitment to, and improved the quality of my meditation practice…I learned many things that will add to the enrichment of my life.
— Denise Biernes, West Vancouver BC

On Career Transition:

Working with Angela has really been the jolt that I needed to ramp up my career change. She gave me insight as to some of the barriers that I didn’t realize I was dealing with such as: competing commitments, emotional barriers, self-esteem and call reluctance.

She helped boost my confidence, assisted me in discovering and recognizing my potential, creating an action plan to establish next steps, and following through with them.

When I’d get overwhelmed or unhinged, she gave me tools to help me relax and accept the enormous upheaval of change that I experied, both on a personal level and from a business perspective.
Julia McCaig | Black Dog Creative www.blackdogcreative.ca

Julia McCaig | Black Dog Creative


On Recovery:

From day one of our relationship Angela has offered solid insights, an open mind and a wise sense of humour that has made my recovery not only stronger, but more enjoyable too. I know for a fact that I am clean and sober to a great extent today because of her coaching - and I am deeply grateful.
Mark Johnston

Mark Johnston

Throughout the early months of my sobriety and a relapse, when I didn’t know how to believe in myself, Angela coached me with the voice of reason. She always treated me with respect, and in doing so helped me find the self-respect I had lost. Her ability to coach me according to my values helped me to build a foundation in recovery. I’ve just celebrated four years of sobriety, Angela has again successfully coached me through more change, and my life is better than it ever has been!
— Valerie S.

On Work/Life Balance

Working with Angela sharpened perception of my values, clarified my vision, strategy and mindset, and develop practical steps to deal with current challenges in all aspects of my professional, personal and spiritual life. Angela is able to articulate underlying issues as well as strengths and, with an insightful light-hearted approach, clear direction and humour, nudge me to action.
Heide Mayne | Avalon Women’s Centres www.avaloncentres.org

Heide Mayne | Avalon Women’s Centres