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Spirit Compass is here to help you find yourself.



Coaching people to achieve life goals, create stability in recovery, and establish health & confidence through meditation for 25 years.

Spirit Compass provides meditation, coaching, and recovery coaching services from North Vancouver, BC. 


Spirit Compass - Find Yourself - Work with Me

Spirit Compass offers a variety of coaching, recovery, and meditation and wellness services that can be provided right in the comfort of your own home through web, video, and/or phone conference.

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Spirit compass offers:

One-on-one intensive coaching

Recovery coaching for small groups

Semi-private and group meditation workshops


Work with me live in North Vancouver, BC,
via tele-coaching and/or video conferencing.

Visual Change Plan - by Jeffrey Halliday



One-to-one Intensive Coaching

Live better. Have more fun. Fall in love with your life.
Let's schedule a call and get to know each other. 
(minimum six months commitment).


Coaching for Small Groups

Intimate coaching circles for self-realization and group synergy unique to  your teams and associates. 

Semi Private & Group Meditation Workshops

public & Private workshops


Please contact us to create specialized workshops and coaching forums suited to the goals and requirements of your organization.


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